Brawl is a Decepticon in the Transformers Movie franchise.
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Affiliation: Decepticons
Function: Brawler
Alternate Mode: M1 Abrams
Weapons: Various heavy weapons and cannons
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To say Brawl is a warrior is like calling Cybertron a hunk of metal. Brawl does not just enjoy fighting, he is consumed by it. Tearing Autobots apart is embedded into his very core, and every fiber-optic cable of his being is obsessed with wild, unyielding combat. The only thing he enjoys, or even cares about, is the fury of battle. And he loves a good explosion. Particularly if it's one he created, and if it was an Autobot that is exploding.

He is rival of Warpath and Guzzle.


Brawl was one of the Decepticons that tracked the AllSpark to Earth. He was killed in the battle of Mission city.

Dark of the MoonEdit

There's another Brawl-type Decepticon battling the Autobots in Chicago before being killed by Optimus Prime.
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