Looks like the Decipticons really like cats.Im allergic to cats.So I'm allergic to this symbol.One reason why I hate Decipticons

The Decepticons were formed by The Fallen. They will stop at nothing to get their hands on new energon sources, like the AllSpark, the Matrix of Leadership, and The Harvestor.

All Decepticons have red eyes unlike Autobots, who have light blue.

Known Decepticons Edit

  • Bonecrusher (decipticon destroyer)
  • Grindor (decipticon tracker)
  • Blackout (decipticon warrior)
  • Sideways (decipticon servince)
  • Devastator (decipticon combiner)
  • Ravage (decipticon finder)
  • Frenzy (decipticon field commander 1)
  • Laserbeak (decepticon field commander 2)
  • Protoforms Drones (decepticon grower)
  • Buffalo Mpvcon (unknown)
  • The Docter (decepticon killer)
  • Mixmaster (decepticon smasher)
  • Rampage (decepticon trader)
  • Skipjack (decipticon roller)
  • Long haul (decipticon crusher)
  • Demolisher (decipticon wheeler)
  • Scavenger (decipticon lifter)
  • Scrapmetal (decipticon duster)
  • Scrapper (decipticon sniper)
  • Overload (decipticon crawler)
  • M1 Abramscon (uknown)
  • Cranckase (decipticon dread 1)
  • Crowbar (decipticon dread 2)
  • Hachet (decipticon dread 3)
  • Audi R8con Igor (decipticon goyer)

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