Devastator is a giant Decepticon gestalt warrior formed by nine Constructicons.




  • Scavenger (torso)
  • Hightower (left arm)
  • Mack Cement Mixer Constructicon (head) (in film)
  • Scoop-Loader Constructicon (right arm) (in film)
  • Jumping Jack (left foot) (in film)
  • Big Green (right leg) (in film)
  • Overload (back) (in film, toys and comics)
  • Payload (left leg) (in film and toys)
  • Skipjack (left hand) (in film and toys)

Sometimes ommitedEdit

  • Rampage  (left leg) (in toys and comics)
  • Long Haul (right leg) (in toys and comics)
  • Scrapper (right arm) (in toys and comics)
  • Mixmaster (head) (in toys and comics)

Others configurations (in toys)Edit

  • Hook and Bonecrusher sometimes replace Hightower and Rampage
Hungarian name: Pusztító ("Destroyer")

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