was a Constructicon from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen who turns into a cement truck. He does not return, but Mixmaster appears as a boss in the game, as seen in this video on YouTube.


Voice actor: Terelljermaine Boyd

Mixmaster was one of the Decepticons dispatched to see to an evacuation directed by Ratchet and a NEST Convoy, He led a group of assassins and they were able to destroy the Convoy, though the evacuation had already ended and he had failed, Mixmaster also attempted to kill Ratchet, but failed yet again when Ironhide intervened and trapped him.

Mixmaster later returned to get revenge on Ironhide, and went into a chaotic battle with the Autobot veteran. During the clash, his shields were destroyed by Ironhide's cannon. This allowed Ironhide to defeat Mixmaster by delivering a final blow to his head.

Transformers Dark of the Moon- Mixmaster Battle02:10

Transformers Dark of the Moon- Mixmaster Battle

Ironhide battling Mixmaster in the Video Game.

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