Rampage is a Decepticon in the Transformers Movieverse.
Jumping Jack

Rampage robot mode

Affiliation: Decepticons
Function: Constructicon
Alternate Mode: Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer
Weapons: Whips, Two guns
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ROTF-Jumping Jack and Payload

Rampage next to a mysterious yellow dump truck.

Rampage (aka Skipjack) is a Construction in the Transformers film series. 

There are at least two 'bots of the same model: one is yellow and forms either the left leg of Devastator or left foot (because of the Yellow Dump truck) of Devastator; the other is red and is sometimes called Skipjack, which happens to be the name of another Constructicon of the same body-type.

Movie plotEdit

Two years after the events in Mission City, Decepticons were once again active on Earth. When Soundwave intercepted the location of the AllSpark shard and the final resting place of Megatron, teams were dispatched to bring about their commander's resurrection. After Ravage retrieved the shard from Diego Garcia, he led Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scalpel and a smaller Constructicon to the depths of the Laurentian Abyss. When Scalpel examined Megatron's corpse, he ordered the larger Constructicons to kill "ze little one" for donor parts, which they obliged.

During Operation: Firestorm in Egypt, Rampage's combiner limb counterpart became part of Devastator, attacking former Sector Seven agent Seymour Simmons, Leo Spitz, Skids and Mudflap. Meanwhile, Rampage himself appeared during the battle in the Egyptian town to lure Sam Witwicky into a trap by releasing his captive parents, Ron and Judy. Sam was willing to trade the remains of the Matrix for his parents, but when he realised Bumblebee had arrived, managed to position Rampage for an attack. After a long battle (which also resulted in the death of Ravage), Bumblebee finished Rampage by ripping his arms off and over-extending his neck with a powerful kick, killing him.

Elsewhere, as Devastator smashed away at the Great Pyramid of Giza after shrugging off Skids and Mudflap, Simmons called upon the United States Navy to fire upon the giant Decepticon. The U.S.S. Kidd fired her experimental rail gun, smashing one of his arms to pieces and destroying Devastator.


Early concept with Devastator with seven Constructicons including Rampage and Yellow Dump truck