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Twins skids-2
Affiliation: Autobots
Alternate Mode: Chevrolet Beat
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Sorry, bro. Guess I wasn't ... as smart .. as I thought. Sor -

—Skids to Mudlfap, moments before his body crumbles in the novelty.

Movie AdaptationEdit

Skids appears in the film's comic-book adaptation - though not in the film. He also has a very minor part. Skids first appears in a caption alongside Mudflap in the background, standing in front of Wheeljack. Later, he apparently stays at the base with Ironhide and Ratchet while the other Autobots escort Sentinel Prime back to the base and battle The Dreads. When the Autobots and Sentinel return - Ironhide kills the last surviving Dread, before Sentinel betrays the Autobots and kills Ironhide.


Sentinel says that all of the Autobots will have to die alongside Ironhide, to which he points his Acid Rust Blaster at Bumblebee - but Skids sacrifices himself as he jumps in front of the blast. Mudflap is furious over the death of his brother - and attempts to get his revenge by fighting Sentinel, though is shot as well, and also dies alongside Skids and Ironhide.
Skids Death

Skids: Ow, man you shot me in the face! Sentinel:Oops.

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