Hello, everyone. I'm here with a new blog post, and it pertains to some frustrating situations that have gone around the Wiki.

  • Last month, which was October, a user by the name Dynovan joined the Wiki. He told me that he promised to bring more users here to contribute to the Wiki. He did not keep his promise, and therefore, lied. I had made him an Admin right after he told me this (which was a bad idea). Administrator IRONUPTHEHIDE began to get into a major arguement with him. It ended with me demoting Dynoman, due to him and IRONUPTHEHIDE bringing the fight to here, and still, Dynoman hadn't done what he promised me. This lead me to demoting him, and telling IRONUPTHEHIDE to calm down next time.
  • Not too long afterwards, a new user, Skycommander00 joined the Wiki, but immediatly nominated herself for an Admin, which was a poor choice, and I deleted it, saying that she could only become an Admin if she contributed. She contributed quite a bit, which held a lot of help to the Wiki. Therefore, I made her an Administrator. She boasted her powers to IRONUPTHEHIDE by accident, to which he got into a quarrel with her. I had to break it up yet again, and I confirmed to myself that if IRONUPTHEHIDE did this one more time, he would be demoted.
  • Then, I encouraged Warpath14 to come to the Wiki, and he did and helped out a LOT. In fact, I messaged him to come on Thursday night. He came on Wednesday and left on Wednesday as well. Why? It was simply because IRONUPTHEHIDE argued with him on moving the Acid Rust Blaster article to the Cosmic Rust Gun article. Actually, it seemed that he thought that it was a blaster, not a gun, and told him that he (IRONUPTHEHIDE) was an Admin, and quoted "BEWARE." He also said that he would block him if he continued renaming the article. I couldn't take it anymore. I had had enough. I demoted IRONUPTHEHIDE, the invincible Ironhide, and he proved no threat to anyone.
    • May everyone now know that IRONUPTHEHIDE has not been blocked. He is no longer an Administrator. If he argues with you on anything, tell me and I will handle it.
  • Due to Warpath14's major contributions to the Wiki (he made 100 edits in two days, and IRONUPTHEHIDE has 150 edits and he's been here since May). I immediately realized that there needed to be a replacement for IRONUPTHEHIDE, and I made him an Administrator due to his strategies for organizing the Wiki. May we welcome Warpath as our newest Administrator, as well as Skycommander who recently became one as well. Warpath, Skycommander and I are our current Administrators, and until we begin to make a bigger Wiki, we will be the only ones.

I welcome everyone to the Wiki yet again. I feel that we truly have gone through the confrontation with Barricade123, and that now that he's gone, we have succeeded in keeping the Wiki safer. Warpath14 quoted that we were saying that we saved the Wiki - but we didn't. We simply got rid of Barricade123 because he wasn't serving his purpose as an Administrator correctly. The complications may have restarted with IRONUPTHEHIDE, but now that they're finished, we are at peace again. We are here to edit freely.

I welcome you all to contribute to our growing Wiki :)

Lord SS7 at the Dark side of the Moon 00:46, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

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