Hello, and special greetings to all! I am here to officially announce that this is the official Dark of the Moon Wiki! Due to my rise to a Bureaucrat, and the retirement of Barricade123, I am officially the leader of the Wiki, since this was originally a dupe that Barricade123 made in an attempt to overpower mine - which he did, and gave me Bureaucrat priveledges.

Currently, we are creating more and more articles, and I am hoping for more editors to arrive from the various Transformers Wikis. Due to the threats of vandalism posed by Barricade123, he will not be returning, and we can all be assured a much better contributing area now. If you have any questions - simply ask them on my Talk Page. I don't usually block users, I usually give them a warning, a block for a week, than a month, a year, than infinite. That is the discipline, which I only give to users who commit vandalism.

Free feel to create any DOTM article, as long as it's not made-up, if you have any questions, just ask me and I'll hopefully find an answer. Thank You!

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